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Dr. Monoranjan Bhowmik

Welcome to the Vidyasagar Teachers’ Training College (VTTC) portal.  The institute is one   of the premier teacher training colleges in West Bengal currently running two year B.Ed. Programme under West Bengal University of Teachers’ Training, Education Planning and Administration (WBUTTEPA). The college was started in 1968 with the realization of the urgent need of scientific temperament in teachers’ training programme. The college is rooted with strong sense of dedication and has inherited convincing philosophy from its founders. Wisdom, perseverance, discipline and moral character are the virtues of our student teachers that have enabled them to achieve laurels and appreciation in academic, sports and co-curricular activities.

    We attempt to unveil the inherent potentialities of our student teachers by providing opportunity to engage in innovative pedagogical techniques at the same time infusing core values, traditions and culture. The distinguished faculty, dedicated non teaching staff along with the activities organised are instrumental in providing inspirational and stimulating environment to the upright nation builders of tomorrow. I am delighted to share that our performance all along these years has been extremely heartening. We equally boast that our students are well placed in government and private schools in West Bengal and other states.

   I earnestly hope that our student teachers will set upon high trajectory of professional excellence and imbibe upon the values of professional accountability and kindred spirits as they blossom into learners of life.         As Principal, I invite my students of Vidyasagar Teachers’ Training College (VTTC) to communicate with me and share problems /issues/suggestions with me directly or through the co-ordinators of each committee. Together let us share our ideas, dreams and vision to make the learning process an even more exciting experience.

With Best Wishes,